Huntington Beach, CA Orders Bar to Take Down Veterans Sign (Video)


Johnny’s Booze and Pool, a bar in Huntington Beach, Calif., has sign above it that reads:
“Thank a veteran for your freedom!”

Locals in this conservative area and veterans love the sign, but someone complained about it, so the City of Huntington Beach ordered the neon sign taken down (video below).

“We received a letter in the mail from the city stating that we have to remove it within two days or they were going to fine us $940,” the bar's co-owner John Marovic told CBS Los Angeles.

Co-owner Johnny Kresimir added that they had to remove the sign or pay the fine. Kresimir turned to Facebook for public support, which may have helped.

Today, he wrote:

UPDATE! The sign is still up!!!! AND A GREAT THING HAS HAPPENED... Veterans... Look at how many people support you!!!!! 22 Veterans take their lives every day!!! Every Day!!! More commit Suicide than are killed in combat!!!! That is why we started our Veterans4Veterans group with Robbie Clark... Veterans that want to help each other contact us... Robbie wants to share his recovery with you... Meeting at restaurants to talk and Johnny's Saloon is picking up the tab!!! Hit us up...

UPDATE! The city has postponed any fines and want to talk. HAPPY!

On their website, the City of Huntington Beach wrote:

The violation was regarding the structure, not the content. The City is a patriotic city that gratefully honors the sacrifices of our veterans. The City has adopted and supported a Marine battalion from Camp Pendleton and regularly holds ceremonies to recognize and thank our Veterans, among many other examples by the City, our residents, and businesses.

The City met with representatives of Johnny’s Booze and Pool Tuesday, regarding the Notice of Violation for the existing roof top sign. The City assured Johnny’s that the sign can remain while we work together to address any code issues.

Sources:, Facebook, CBS Los Angeles


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