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Hunters Set New Mississippi Record for Heaviest Alligator Killed (Video)

Three groups of Mississippi hunters caught and killed three gigantic alligators over Labor Day weekend.

Two of the gators weighed over 700 pounds, and one of the two set a new state record for the heaviest alligator ever caught in the state.

First, Michael and Bethany Piper hooked their 11 foot, 5 inch alligator last Friday with a fishing pole, but eventually shot the reptile with a shotgun and pulled it into their boat.

On Saturday night, Beth Trammell led a hunting party near Redwood, Mississippi to capture and kill a 723.5-pound gator.

Dustin Brockman, his brother and a friend caught a 727-pound alligator (pictured) in the Mississippi River early Saturday night. The 13 foot, 4.5 inch alligator was shot by a crossbow and then a shotgun. This set a new Mississippi record for the heaviest alligator ever killed.

“We killed the alligator at 4 a.m. We waited until 6:30 a.m. before I called three or four more guys to help us load it into the boat,” Brockman told NBC News (video below).

Now that the great beast is dead and the boasting is done, Brockman plans to use the gator's skin for a gun strap and a picture frame.

Source: NBC News


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