Picture Of Czech Hunters Posing With Dead Fox And Her Cubs Sparks Outrage (Graphic Photo)


Three hunters from the Czech Republic have caused controversy after a photo of them posing next to a dead fox and her seven baby cubs was shared on the Internet.

In the photo, three men who had been hunting near the village of Lysovice in the south of the Czech Republic are seen smiling for the camera with the lifeless bodies of the mother and her seven cubs placed in front of them, the Daily Mail reports.

The photo was posted by the hunters on to a blog called “Hunters Must Be Crazy,” but didn’t go viral until after British-based charity One World Wildlife shared it online, with viewers calling the hunters “evil” and “cruel.”

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One of the men, 23-year-old Petr Ciko Nedela, of the southern Czech city of Brno, is pictured holding a shotgun as he sits in between two fellow hunters.

“I love this,” he wrote underneath the photo.

“Why are they showing pictures like this?” viewer Lucia Kovarova said. “It is shameful, disgusting, perverse and sick.”

According to CroatianTimes.com, another viewer, Dawn Mclaren, posted: "At least the hunting dog looks ashamed..as for the scum looking at the camera they deserve all they get and let's hope it's very painful....that poor little mum and her beautiful babies ...looks to me as if they let the dog get at the fox.

"Three evil men with a gun and a dog against one tiny fox who had just had a hard labour bearing seven babies so must have been exhausted then set upon by these evil thugs...what chance did she have..what chance did they give seven newborn babies ....wow...aren't they brave ...cowards all."

A spokesman from the Czech Hunting Association said: "The red fox isn’t a protected species. But I agree it isn’t very humane to put pictures of hunted animals on social networks.”

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Image Credits: EuroPics [CEN] via Daily MailChristian Holland/Flickr


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