Hunters Claim Wolf Preservation is Part of UN Plot to Seize Guns, Property


The Idaho legislature recently approved a bill that would provide $400,000 to kill about 500 of the state’s estimated 650 wolves.

According to the Idaho Statesmen, the goal of Idaho lawmakers is to reduce the wolf population to 150 or 10 breeding pairs.

The bill was signed into law by Idaho Governor Butch Otter, who said on Friday, "We are of one mind, that Idaho wants to manage our wolves and we want to manage them to a reasonable number so that the species don't get endangered again and the feds don't come in and take it over again," noted the Associated Press.

Wolves are no longer on the federal government's Endangered Species list, but environmentalists are trying to change that.

However, this effort to convince the federal government to protect wolves is seen as a "conspiracy" by many hunters and ranchers in Idaho and Montana, who believe its just one more step to the supposed “New World Order” and an United Nations' plot to take away private property and gun rights.

“It was seen as direct government intervention into their way of life and telling them what they had to put up with and what they couldn’t shoot,” Amaroq Weiss, West Coast Wolf Organizer for the Center for Biological Diversity, told “So this goes way back. The wolf has always been a surrogate for hatred for the federal government in the areas where the reintroductions took place.”

These "wolf rescue" conspiracy theories have been published by the right wing John Birch Society’s The New American  and the conspiracy website World NetDaily, which stated, “Just because your particular ox is not being gored by these wolves, your turn is coming. Believe me. If western ranchers don’t have any property rights, guess what? Neither do you – no matter where you live. And they’ll be gunning for you soon enough.”

Sources:, World NetDaily, The New American, Associated Press, Idaho Statesmen


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