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Hunters Charged With Torturing A Coyote Before Killing It (Video)

A video from Feb. 20, 2014, has suddenly put hunters and animal lovers on the same team. Now, the men responsible for the disturbing clip are facing criminal charges.

According to, two men from Ironwood, Michigan, shot and wounded a coyote while hunting. “I shot him about three, four times,” one of the men explained in the video, showing the coyote laying still in the snow. The man then sent his dogs to kill the helpless animal.

The video ends with images of the coyote’s blood seeping into the snow before one of the hunters shoots and finally kills the animal.

Though the video has been taken down from YouTube, the hunters are facing serious charges. One hunter, 45, faces one count of killing/torturing animals, a felony punishable by four years in prison. He also faces four misdemeanor counts: general violation of wildlife conservation, two counts of abandonment/cruelty to an animal, and taking game from a vehicle. Penalties range from 90 to 93 days in jail.

The second hunter, 34, also faces one felony count of killing/torturing animals and one misdemeanor count of abandonment/cruelty to an animal.

One of the hunters’ 12-year-old son witnessed the incident.

This isn’t the first time these hunters have been investigated for inhumanely hunting a coyote. reported that they videotaped a wounded coyote after intentionally hitting it with their truck in a separate incident.

Warning: This video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers. Note: The original video was six minutes long; has edited the video for time consideration.

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