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Hunter Sets Record By Killing 809-Pound Shark With A Bow And Arrow

Prolific hunter Jeff Thomason scored one of his most prized kills yet recently. thomason used a bow and arrow to take out an 11-foot, 809-pound Mako shark off the coast of California.

Thomason coaxed the huge Mako near his boat using a fish on a line. When the shark was finally within a few feet of the boat, he reared back on the bow and shot. It reportedly took five crew members to lift the 800+ pound beast out of the water.

When Thomason weighed the shark, he learned he’d broken the world bowfishing record by over 300 pounds.

“It was one of those days when everything went right,” Thomason said.

Here’s a picture of the shark:

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As the world’s fastest shark, makos are notoriously hard to catch. They can swim up to 60 mph and cruise around the ocean at an average of 35 mph.

“They’ve got to be about three feet from the boat to get the arrow to stick, so we threw a fish on a line and teased him to the boat,” Thomason told Lone Star Outdoor News. “I try and shoot for the top of the back. As soon as the arrow hit, all hell broke loose. We freaked out because I spined him and we thought he might sink."

Thomason put his kill to good use by donating over 400 pounds of the shark’s meat to a homeless shelter. 

Sources: Lone Star Outdoor News, MailOnline

Photo credit: Lone Star Outdoor News, Facebook


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