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Hunter Killed Brother, Mistook Him For Small Animal

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A family hunting trip went wrong after one of the hunters shot and killed his brother.

The New York Post reports that Atlanta residents Brian and Scott Pickle were on a hunting trip with their father in the South Carolina woods.

Shortly before 6 p.m., Scott took aim at what he thought was a "small animal" like a coyote or a deer, and fired.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they found Brian in the woods with a gunshot wound to the head.

"We see these types of accidents all too frequently," Union County Sheriff David Taylor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Taylor said Scott was quick to pull the trigger because nightfall was nearing, and he felt he had limited time to take a shot.

"It was a family hunting outing turned horribly tragic," said coroner William Holcombe.

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No criminal charges were filed against Scott immediately following the incident, according to the Post, although the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is investigating it.

According to a 2011 press release from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, "hunting with firearms is one of the safest recreational activities in America." The claim is based on data gathered by NSSF, which indicates that hunting has an injury rate of 0.05%. For comparison, tackle football players are injured at a rate of 5.27%, and golfers come in at 0.16%.

The only recreational activities that are safer than hunting, according to the data, are camping and billiards.

Comments on Scott's Facebook profile picture, which depicts him and his late brother, expressed sorrow and condolences. One friend wrote, "I’m so sorry Scott. Hope it brings some sort of comfort knowing how many people Brian impacted. I’m grieving for you and your family and am sure I’ll see you in the next few days."

A post by another friend, obtained by the Journal-Constitution, reads:

"Asking my friends to pray for the Pickle Family today... Brian Gregory Pickle, age 30, lost his life in a hunting accident Saturday afternoon in SC. Brian was employed by SEKO Logistics in Atlanta. Please join me in prayer for his girlfriend, brother, and his parents and the Pickle family in IL.

"Love you Brian!"

Sources: New York Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, NSSF / Photo credit: NechakoRiver/Flickr, Facebook via New York Post

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