Hunter Films Himself Spearing Bear (Video)


Josh Bowmar, 26-year-old owner of Bowmar Fitness in Columbus, Ohio, filmed himself spearing a black bear to death and then put it on YouTube (video below).

The incident happened in May in Alberta, Canada, and bodybuilder Bowmar is seen in the video celebrating the kill. After allegedly leaving the bear to slowly die for hours, he and a companion are filmed posing over the animal’s corpse with its guts pouring from its fatal wound.

Bowmar had a camera attached to the spear, so viewers are treated to a close-up view as the weapon punctures the bear’s body.

After successfully impaling the bear, Bowmar exclaims to the camera: “I can't believe that that just happened. I've just did something that I think no one in the world has ever done. And that was spear a bear on the ground, on film.”

Many viewers of the video were not as happy as Bowmar, however.

Wendy Higgins, of Humane Society International, described it as "mindless machismo-fuelled blood-lust," reports the Daily Mail. "This poor bear didn't stand a chance, deliberately lured to the killing spot by food, and then mercilessly targeted and left to die in agony. It is shocking to see the delight of this hunter in what he has done, his thrill utterly appalling to the majority of people, and even fellow hunters are distancing themselves from this incident.”

Bowmar, in his defense, explained his side of the story to The Mirror: "First and foremost, spear hunting gives the animal the greatest chance of escape, considering our ethical killing range is within 10 yards. The bear I speared only ran 60 yards and died immediately, that’s as humane and ethical as one could get in a hunting situation on big game animals. Trust me, no one cares more about these animals than us hunters, especially me."

However, apparently not all hunters agree. On the hunting website OutdoorHub, one hunter responded with the following comment:

“I’ve been hunting for 56 years and this video was disgusting. It’s mindless jackasses like this performing shameless ‘stunts’ that attempt to glorify the hunter, but by doing so demean the game animal, that give all the anti-hunters the arguments they need to hate us. Shameful spectacle of pseudo bravado. Stop focusing on yourself and show some respect for the animal.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Bowmar Fitness, The Sun / Photo Credit: YouTube/BowmarBowhunting via Daily Mail

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