Hunter Eva Shockey Responds To Critics With New Shirt (Photos)


Two weeks ago, a popular Outdoor Channel host landed in hot water after she posted some ‘controversial’ hunting pictures from her latest excursion.

Eva Shockey, the daughter of world-renowned hunter Jim Shockey, went on a bear-hunting trip to North Carolina earlier this month and decided to publish photos of her exploits to social media. Predictably, when she shared a picture of herself standing over a dead bear, the reactions were mixed. Some praised her for her skills; others called her a cold-blooded killer.

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“An anti-hunter just told me, and I quote, to ‘kill that little worthless dog you have instead’ of the bear I just hunted in NC,” she wrote on Facebook at the time. “Apparently hunting a bear, eating/donating all of the meat and putting money towards conservation is a bad thing, but killing my puppy is ok. If this logic isn't totally insane, I don't know what is.”

That quote ultimately went viral, and as expected, it led to even more praise/antagonism directed toward Shockey.

In response to the criticism, Shockey has decided to address her critics head on by releasing this shirt. The message on it is simple: “I’ll never apologize for being a hunter.”

“I know as a hunter that what I’m doing is the right thing, I’m doing good, I’m positively benefiting wildlife populations and adding to conservation,” she told The Blaze.

The shirt has also been met with mixed reactions. Shockey’s supporters love it, whereas her critics say that, at this point, she is just purposely trolling people who dislike hunting. Decide for yourselves who is right.

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Source: The Blaze/Photo Credit: The Blaze, Pinterest


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