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Hunter College Students Post ‘Abortion Battles’ Clip on YouTube (Video)

A video featuring Hunter College students pretending that they are killing fetuses has been posted on YouTube. In the video, the students are playing a game called "Abortion Battles." It appears as if they are in the school cafeteria.

During the clip, young men stuff inflated balloons under their shirts to make it look as if they are pregnant. They then attack each other with plastic knives, trying to pop each other’s balloons. In the background students are yelling, "Kill that baby!" and "Just do it!"

According to the NY Post, the student who posted the video, Marco Rosales, wrote, "We were introduced to this epic game called 'Abortion Battles.' It’s somewhat unorthodox, but it’s really fun! Lol!."

Abortion opponents were understandably offended by the video. "It’s callous. It’s sickening. It’s not funny," said Greg Pfundstein of the Chiaroscuro Foundation.

Even people who are pro-choice would probably agree that the game and the video are in poor taste given the seriousness of the subject matter.

Hunter did not sanction the game or the video. The school is not saying much. "It seems to have been something spontaneous that took place in the cafeteria," a Hunter spokeswoman said

The video is below.

Source: (NY Post)


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