Hunter Attacked by Wild Boar (Video)


An unidentified hunter was taken by surprise when a wild boar recently decided to hit back.

The video (below) appears to be from a camera that was attached to the hunter.

According to, the time-stamp on the video is Jan. 4. The hunter appears to be aiming his gun when the boar attacks him twice.

The boar knocks him down, but the hunter stands up and fires his gun at the wild animal, which apparently escaped, reports The Blaze.

Another wild boar was recently shot by a homeowner in Lancaster, Pa. noted that Joshua Kauffman tracked the 100 to 150-pound boar in the snow and shot it with his deer rifle last Friday.

After being shot, the wild boar ran at Kauffman before he shot it a second time.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission allows licensed hunters to shoot wild boar, if it poses an immediate threat to a human, livestock or a pet.

The wild boar's head was sent to a laboratory to make sure it was not carrying any diseases, but Kauffman kept the meat to eat.

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