Hunter Accused of Shooting Jogger


Sean Houle was arrested on Dec. 8 for allegedly shooting a jogger while hunting in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

The jogger, Jonathan Way, was reportedly shot in the rear of his neck and shoulder. reports that Way was wearing a white shirt and jogging through the woods when he was hit by shotgun pellets.

Way was taken to a local hospital and reported to be in stable condition.

Deer season in the area goes from Dec. 1-13. Hunters are allowed to bang away 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.

The Associated Press noted that Houle pleaded not guilty last Tuesday to several charges.

Houle reportedly told police that he fired a black powder rifle at what he thought were some deer.

Way told police that he yelled at Houle to stop shooting and Houle apologized to him.

Sources: Associated Press,
Image Credit: Sonia Sevilla


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