Hunter Accidentally Shoots 5-Day-Old Baby Resting in Dad's Arms


A 5-day-old baby boy was accidentally shot near Saltsburg, Pa., last night by a hunter.

“It was originally reported that the bullet had grazed the child's head, but it had actually penetrated the child's head,” Indiana County District Attorney Pat Dougherty told WPIX.

The baby's father was holding his son at 7 p.m. on Thursday night when a bullet from a .308 hunting rifle came through the window of his home.

A group of hunters were searching for game on some nearby private property when one of them fired the stray bullet in what Dougherty called an "accidental shooting."

“The hunters have been cooperative,” added Dougherty. “We think we know which individual fired the shot that struck the child.”

According to WTAE, the baby was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital last night for emergency surgery and is still in an intensive care unit.

Sources: WPIX, WTAE (Image Credit: Cano58)


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