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'Hangry' Woman Arrested For Biting Wendy's Worker

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A hungry Virginia woman was arrested after she bit the limb of a Wendy’s employee.

"Hangry" is a term combining hungry and angry, says WTVR.  The woman in question clearly qualifies.

Wendy’s manager Latanya Nelson said the incident happened on Feb. 15 at the Richmond, Virginia, restaurant. Nelson noted that 25-year-old Lovely Robinson was the angriest customer she had ever had to deal with.

Nelson said that Robinson stormed into the lobby behind another employee after she changed her order from two spicy chicken sandwiches to something else.

“She changed the order from that to four, 99-cent chicken sandwiches, so I’m guessing she only had $4 instead of $11,” Nelson said. “She came in cursing and said ‘I’ll come across the counter.’”

Nelson said that Robinson jumped over the counter and that she defended herself.

“She didn’t have me in size, but she had heart I’ll give her that,” Nelson said. “I told her you can’t be in here. You gotta go,”  according to the Consumerist.

The two fought near the fry cooker until Robinson clamped down above Nelson’s knee. Nelson continued to punch Robinson as the bite occurred. Nelson was finally able to throw Robinson off, but the bite left a huge mark.

Robinson was later charged with malicious wounding, intentionally damaging property, preventing law enforcement from making an arrest and trespassing.

Nelson returned to work on Feb. 16 despite her injury.

Sources: WTVR, The Consumerist / Photo Credit: The Consumerist

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