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Hung "David" Nguyen Swings Samurai Swords At Santa Ana Cops, Tazered And Arrested

A man wielding two lengthy samurai-style swords outside a Santa Ana, Calif. restaurant while screaming, “I don’t want to live,” was tazered and arrested by police on Friday after he threatened them with death.

The tail end of the incident in which Hung Ahn Nguyen is stunned by the police taser and topples backwards, was captured on a cell phone recording by a bystander.

Nguyen (pictured), who also goes by the name David, had previously been convicted of selling marijuana and possessing a controlled substance. Perhaps not surprisingly, cops say he was on drugs when he flipped out with the swords.

"He's out there yelling, 'I don't wanna go to jail. I don't wanna live. I don't wanna do this,'" witness Izzy Hutt, who recorded the cell phone video, told Los Angeles TV station KABC.

Watch KABC’s report, including the Hut’s video of Nguyen getting shot be a Taser, below.

The swords measured 27 and 19 inches. Police think he was looking for a fight with law enforcement.

"He had put the swords down, and once the officers got there, he picked them up and then addressed the officers, cussing at them, taunting them to kill him because he didn't want to go back to jail," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

A neighbor of Nguyen’s saw him with the weapons earlier.

"I was at the garage with my friends, and I saw him running by with some swords. I told him, 'Hey David, where are you going?'" said Omar Arciga.

Not long after that, Nguyen appeared outside Arsenio’s, a Mexican restaurant in a small shopping center, and started yelling while swinging the samurai blades.

He is now being held without bond on an outstanding narcotics warrant as well as assault with a deadly weapon charges.

SOURCES: KABC 7, Associated Press, New York Daily News


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