Hundreds Of Teens Storm Movie Theater To Get In For Free (Video)


Hundreds of teens stormed an AMC Theater in Ocoee, Florida, on Feb. 14 to get in free.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, as many as 900 middle and high school students tried to barge in, but only about 200 young people were able to get inside before the theater's security gates locked the rest out (video below).

"(It's) a big concern to us that are juveniles are doing this at such an early age," Orange County Sheriff's Office Lt. Paul Hopkins said in statement, reports Click Orlando.

When the crowd of teens were moved out of the theater, a fight broke out in the parking lot.

The Ocoee Police Department arrested two teens, one for battery and resisting arrest, and another for a misdemeanor drug charge, noted WESH.

The police department called outside law enforcement agencies to help with the large number of teens, some of whom looted a nearby store.

The incident was apparently planned on social media, where teens are proudly posting videos of the chaos.

Police admit they will have a difficult time arresting all the teens because it's impossible to know who had a movie ticket and who did not.

Sources: WESH, Click Orlando / Image Credit: Click Orlando


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