'Please Move It': Hummer Owner Posts Note He Received From Neighbor

The owner of a large yellow Hummer received a nasty note from one of his Philadelphia neighbors demanding that he not park his "eyesore" of a vehicle outside of his home because he/she claims it blocks street traffic and is too hideous for the neighborhood.

Doug DeMuro, a writer for Jalopnik, says he received the anonymous note on Friday after parking his Hummer in a legal spot outside of his building, which he says is located in an up-and-coming area of Philadelphia. He posted the note on Twitter:

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It reads: "This is not an appropriate parking spot for this huge vehicle. It blocks traffic, is an eye sore to the neighborhood and also blocks street vision. Please move it."

DeMuro says the letter made him laugh because, of all of the "eyesores" the anonymous neighbor chose to focus on in their neighborhood, including abandoned buildings and trash left on the streets, he found it surprising that his vehicle would prove the most worthy of such disdain. 

The writer acknowledged that he realizes some may not like his Hummer, but expressed his annoyance with his neighbor by writing:

He is right, of course: my giant yellow Hummer sits there, all the time, outside my house, constantly reminding everyone that one of their neighbors probably attends the kind of event where people chant "Drill Baby Drill." So I could see how this might be an annoyance.

But here’s the problem: I live in this young, hip neighborhood in Philadelphia that is… what I think we would call… developing. In other words: on one hand, you’ll have a guy throw out the box for his new subzero refrigerator. And then you'll have a homeless person come by an hour later and take the box, so he can live in it.

As a result, this neighborhood is full of eyesores, all of which are every bit as offensive as my giant yellow Hummer.

Sources: JalopnikPhiladelphia magazine / Photo Credit: Philadelphia magazine

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