Humans Raise Baby Gorilla Gladys, Dress Up In Furry Jackets and Grunt

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A baby gorilla named Gladys is being taken care of by a team of zoo staff members after her mother showed little interest in raising her.

Gladys was born January 29 at Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. She was then transferred to the Cincinnati Zoo where a gorilla community and specialist primate staff reside.

She was her mother's first child, and it seemed her mother did not know what to do or did not want to raise her. 

Now several humans are stepping into raise her before they move her into a sanctuary with other female gorillas. But the catch is, they can't really act like humans.

"Whatever a gorilla mom would do with her baby is what we have to do with this baby," Ron Evans, the primate team leader, said. "Everything that we can do … obviously, I'm not producing milk."

They operate on eight-hour shifts and wear knee-pads, gloves, and fur-lined jackets. After they enter the enclosure, they start grunting and shuffle around like a gorilla would.

They work around the clock, 24 hours a day.

Hopefully, Gladys will be able to move in with two older female gorillas in an enclosure next door. 

Gladys already met a few other gorillas after they allowed her to touch them behind bars. 

They expect she will be ready to move in with them after two months.

Sources: News,Daily Mail


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