Humane Society Kills Stray Puppy For ‘Unknown Demons’


A Texas woman who rescued a stray puppy is considering suing an animal shelter that put the dog down for ‘unknown demons.’

Elaine Buchhorn found an abandoned puppy and took it to the New Braunfels Humane Society in San Antonio. She says she asked to be notified in advance if they planned to euthanize the dog.

But despite calling every day to check on the dog, who she named “Baby George,” Buchhorn found out that it was put down via the pet rescue center’s Facebook page.

The post read “the pup is now free, free from whatever unknown demons were causing the aggression,” according to the Houston Chronicle. The post has been removed from the shelter’s page.

“He was very socialized,” Buchhorn said.

“Baby George” was found in July by Buchhorn’s son and was only 11-weeks-old when she took it to the Humane Society earlier this month. She told the shelter to notify her if they had trouble finding a home for the puppy.

“I said, ‘Before you try to euthanize this dog, I will appreciate a call because I’ll take the puppy back and try to find it a home on my own,’” Buchhorn said.

But three days later she was shocked to read on Facebook that the dog was put down for aggression, saying that the officials at the shelter “never admitted the puppy was aggressive” to her over the phone.

Buchhorn is considering suing the shelter for violating laws that require they provide the dog with food, water, care or shelter for an animal. According to Daily Mail, another local resident already filed a complaint with police.

But shelter official, Billie Zercher told MailOnline that Buchhorn released all legal rights to the dog when she handed it over to the humane society.

“She signed a release form over to us releasing the animal and the rights to the animal over to us,” Zercher said. “Our policy is anything that shows aggression towards a person we cannot place up for adoption.” She added that the dog tried to bite two employees.

“We receive in numerous animals every single say,” Zercher said in response to Buchhorn’s request to be notified of “Baby George’s” status. “We cannot call every single person that releases an animal to us.”

Buchhorn regrets bringing the dog into the Humane Society, telling the Chronicle, “It still haunts me, I’m living with the regret of taking him there.”


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