Human Leg Found on Chicago Beach


A human leg has washed ashore in Chicago's Lake Michigan, and investigators are now trying to determine who it belongs to.

The leg was found on a Kenwood neighborhood beach on Chicago's South Side Wednesday afternoon.

A call was made to police around 2:42 p.m. regarding the leg.

Police said the person who found it was walking along the beach in the 4700 block of South Lake Shore Drive.

It appeared to have been severed just below the hip.

This is the second time in the last two weeks that human remains have washed ashore in one of the Great Lakes.

On May 22, there was a bag of human remains found floating near Yonge Street in Toronto.

They have identified the remains a female, but do not know who it belongs to.

Investigators are working on an autopsy today to determine who the leg belongs to.

Sources: Daily Mail,NY Daily News


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