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'Human Barbie' Somehow Becomes Even More Of A Cartoon (Photos)

Self-proclaimed “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova revealed a new set of abs after a six-month hiatus from the public eye in a spring photo shoot.

Last year, the 29-year-old Ukrainian model decided to hit the gym in an effort to build “muscle” to emulate an Amazonian female warrior, claiming she no longer liked her thin figure, reports the Daily Mail.

“The spring is late this year, but it has finally come,” Lukyanova said. "It has inspired me to do a photo shoot with a beautiful and all natural background ... Oh, how I love spring!"

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With the exception of her breasts, the real-life Barbie doll insists her looks are entirely natural.

Lukyanova says she was the victim of a random attack near her home in Ukraine last November. She was allegedly “punched and strangled” by two men Halloween night and later hospitalized for facial wounds.

Critics say she used the attack as a cover-up story for visiting the hospital to undergo cosmetic surgery, but Lukyanova has denied this.

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“She had a beautiful and warlike figure, the body of an Amazon,” Lukyanova, who is married to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov, said of a female warrior from Greek mythology. “I want the same magnificent figure. I no longer like my body. It needs some muscle.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, the model posted new photos to her Facebook page Thursday, responding to the criticism over her body modifications.

"It is a pity that most people choose instead the path of degradation," Lukyanova wrote. "They write to me in such a frenzy nastiness that I have the impression that I have stolen the last piece of bread."

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Sources: Daily MailEntertainment Tonight / Photo Credit: EuroPics [CEN]Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook


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