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Human Barbie Says She Has Never Had Surgery (Photo)

Valeria Lukyanova, 30, gained fame online in 2012 for her unusual appearance. Media outlets have dubbed her the "human Barbie" as her long blond hair, large bust size, tiny waist and delicate facial features resemble the iconic plastic doll.

The Ukrainian beauty attempted to dispel any rumors about surgically changing her appearance in an interview, the Daily Mail reports.

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"We all have changed since our childhood from the age of 14 years [old]," she said. "I have not particularly changed except for my body and hair color.'

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"I do not think that I look like a Barbie," she added. "I think I just look like a classy girl [and] it takes about an hour and a half to do that."

Many have debated her looks and if it's possible to have such unusual proportions without surgery, according to Cosmopolitan. Some accuse the woman of using photo editing software, others plastic surgery, and some believe that she removed ribs to make her waist smaller.

In 2014, Lukyanova claimed that she wants to subsist solely on light and air to maintain her body. According to Cosmopolitan, she reportedly said in an interview, "In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I'm hoping it's the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone."

When asked about the public's biggest misconception about her, Lukyanova she said that the public thinks, "I did a bunch of surgeries to look like a doll and know nothing more about me it is actually completely different and my look is only a side effect of my inner world."

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She claims her figure is due to a rigorous exercise routine and a diet of small pieces of raw fish and fresh fruit juice. She still hopes to one day live without any food or water and strongly believes in a "breatharian" lifestyle, which claims only air and light are necessary to live, according to the Daily Mail. 

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