Hulk Hogan's Florida Restaurant Accused Of Maintaining a Racist Dress Code

Hulk Hogan is being criticized for maintaining a so-called "racist" dress code in his Florida restaurant.

According to TMZ, the dress code at Hogan’s Beach in Tampa “essentially bars people who wear clothes popular with black community.”

The restaurant’s dress code notes, “This is a beach party and beach attire is required!”

The dress code bars plain white t-shirts; attire containing profanity; sports or sleeveless jerseys; oversized and baggy attire; and low hanging pants or shorts. Also forbidden in the restaurant are do-rags, skull caps, bandanas; torn clothing; workout clothing; and non-forward-facing hats.

As for footwear, the dress code prohibits work boots and high-top sneakers.

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(via TMZ)

One reader wrote, “That’s okay, soon they will have NO customers and fold up and go out of business. Management must be new to this.”

“Wow does that place have a whites only bathroom too?” another commented.

TMZ reportedly spoke with an employee of the restaurant, who explained that the dress code regulations are only enforced at night and during concerts. During the day, customers can dress however they please.

TMZ also reportedly got in touch with Hogan, who apparently only licenses his name to the owners of the restaurant and wasn’t aware of the dress code.

Mad World News notes that Hulk Hogan’s restaurant’s dress code doesn’t differ too drastically from those found at other night clubs and bars.

Sources: Mad World News, TMZ

Photo Sources: Mad World News, TMZ


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