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Huh? A $67,000 Mini Cooper?

The Mini Cooper is known as a cute little car that is reasonably priced. So why is one model selling for $67,000?

Obviously, it is not a standard Mini. Its official name is the Mini Cooper Inspired by Goodwood, according to a report from

Outside it looks just like the usual Mini. Inside is another story -- it features leather and woodwork inspired by the luxury car of all luxury cars, the Rolls Royce.

Forbes writes:

Mini Inspired By Goodwood certainly is plush, if not quite as roomy as a Ghost: The dash, console, carpeting and seats are clad in the exclusively Rolls-Royce “cornsilk” tone (beige, in common parlance); the door handles and control panels are cased in walnut burr, a finish also exclusive to Rolls-Royce.

This is a limited-edition model -- just 1,000 will be made.

The exterior will be painted in Rolls-Royce Diamond Black metallic with aluminum badges stamped “MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD” and “One of 1000” on the car.

Deliveries in Europe begin in March 2012. It's not known when it will be available in the U.S, but Forbes expects the price to be lower here.

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