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Hugh Hefner Rumored To Be Seriously Ill

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Rumors are swirling that Hugh Hefner may be ill, due to word that those who visit the Playboy Mansion must sign a confidentiality agreement to see him.  

The 90 year old Hefner, who has not been seen in the public eye for months, is rumored to be seriously ill, reports Page Six.  Hef tweeted a photo of himself in purple silk pajamas to promote his "Midsummer Night’s Dream" party in August, but did not attend the event, with his son Cooper hosting the affair instead. 

According to 2016 Playmate Eugena Washington, the Playboy magazine founder has been looking "frail" lately, reports the Daily Mail.  Many in his inner circle are denying reports that Hef is in bad health, with one spokesperson claiming he has had "back issues" recently, which is why he has been out of the public eye.  

“Hugh Hefner is fine. It is no secret that over the past few years he has suffered with back pain that has made it a bit more challenging for him to get around, but at 90 years of age he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day-to-day activities of editing the magazine,” said one rep. 

Hef’s current wife, 30-year-old Crystal Hefner, is in Paris without him. She has posted photos to social media describing Paris as "the city of love." 

Hefner recently sold the Playboy Mansion for a reported $100 million to a private equity owner. 

Sources: Page Six, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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