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This Huge Drop Of Water Is Actually Something Much Cooler

See this jumbo-sized drop of water? It’s actually a new Japanese rice cake desert dish called mizu shingen mochi. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it, but people who have say it’s like a sweet drop of water that melts in your mouth when you eat it.

The rice cake is made in part with water from the Japanese Alps, and can only be purchased in two shops in all of Japan. The composition of the dish is so delicate that it will lose its form within 30 minutes of being served.

Japanese broadcaster Mika Miura described the dish as having a “pleasant natural sweetness… it goes incredibly smooth down your throat. The taste is really amazing!”

A review from twitter user @rarapanpusu said “The sensation of eating water cake was a bit surprising, since it felt like the cake turned into water in your mouth, but it was delicious. Highly recommended!”

Here a few pictures of the bizarre, delicate treat:

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Sources: Rocket News, Sploid


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