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HuffPost/YouGov Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Approve Drug Testing For Congress Members

The majority of Americans really like the idea of drug testing members of Congress.

According to a recent poll by Huffington Post and YouGov, 64 percent of Americans believe that welfare recipients should be drug tested, while 18 percent oppose it.

However, a 78 percent to 7 percent margin agrees that members of Congress should be randomly drug tested. Regarding drug testing for congressional lawmakers, 64 percent say they are “strongly” in favor, compared to only 51 percent who said the same about welfare recipients.

Huffington Post reported that this year, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would require food stamp recipients by state to urinate in cups to prove they’re not on drugs. Republicans wanted drug testing for those seeking unemployment insurance benefits when they lost their jobs in 2012. GOP lawmakers at the state level also pushed for drug testing for different safety net programs.

Democrats have often said that if people who receive aid from the government get drug tested, then people running the government should, too. Republicans usually disagree, but voters approve. The Kansas state legislature is one recent exception, according to The Wichita Eagle.

Eighty-six percent of Republicans, 77 percent of Democrats and 75 percent of independents said they want members of Congress to be drug tested, according to the HuffPost/YouGov poll.

Eighty-seven percent of Republicans strongly favored drug testing of welfare recipients and only nine opposed, while 50 percent of Democrats were in favor and 28 percent opposed. Independents favored drug testing of welfare recipients by a 64 percent to 16 percent margin.

If a member of Congress is caught using illegal drugs, like cocaine, 60 percent of Americans said they should resign. Only 14 percent were in favor to let the convicted member finish out the remainder of his or her term.

According to the survey, 72 percent said they support random drug testing for those serving in the military, and 87 percent supported it for airline pilots. Seventy-one percent backed random drug testing for professional athletes. 


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