Huffington Post Article 'Your Kids and Pit Bulls Love Each Other' Includes Kid Killed by Pit Bull


The Huffington Post recently published a piece showing kids loving their pet pit bulls. Lovely you say? All those adorable kids and their pet pits, how cute. There was a particular one, #61 until it was removed, that had a child loving their pit, one that killed the child a few weeks later.

The pictures show children doing all the things with pits that parents are told not to allow children to do with any dog. The pit apologists easily and quickly condemn the parents of a pit bull attack victim as being irresponsible, which most victims aren't. If a pit attacks a member of its family, according to the pit apologists it was because the owner trained his pit to attack his family. But then these same ones who do the condemnation turn around and put their own children in harms way to do a photo op to make a point -- a useless point.

Considering that pits are the number one killer of children among all the canine breeds, this is the height of recklessness and irresponsibility.

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Then again, recklessness and irresponsibility seems to pervade the humane community these days. Dangerous dogs are made into hero victims, and attack victims of pits are made into haters to be criticized and victimized all over again.

According to Merritt Clifton of Animal People News, fatal and disfiguring attacks by pit bulls from shelters and rescues have exploded, from zero in the first 90 years of the 20th century to 46 in the past four years alone, along with 19 fatal and disfiguring attacks by other shelter dogs, mostly Rottweilers and bull mastiffs, both gripping breeds like the pit bull. The only dogs re-homed from shelters to kill anyone before 2000 were two wolf hybrids in 1988 and 1989. Since 2010, 31 shelter dogs have participated in killing a person and 29 of those 31 were pit bulls, bull mastiffs and Rottweilers, all gripping dogs.

A good example of this out-of-control movement was when a group took on the case of Steven Woods and his pit bull. Woods claimed to be a vet and his pit was a 'service' dog. His pit attacked twice and was up for euthanasia. Randy Turner, a bleeding heart attorney, got the pit bull back for Woods. Then it was learned that Woods was never a veteran in the military and his pit bull was not a service dog. Woods had another pit bull and it attacked a couple walking with their son. Then and only then were the offending pits put down.

Why such a shift? It does coincide with the advent of the No Kill movement? It does. "Save them all", even if it means dangerous dogs are put with unsuspecting families. Best Friends shows their irresponsibility by adopting out dogs with warnings that the dog is "not good with children", "not good with other animals". Are they adopting these dogs out to a resident of a deserted island? Dogs must pass a real life test and that means they need to function with the world around them which includes children and other pets. Is it right to adopt out dogs with this baggage when so many others without that baggage are being euthanized in shelters?

The Huff Puff is also home to the writings, or rather ravings, of Nathan Winograd, founder of No Kill. He says there is no pet overpopulation, that every healthy animal should be saved. This has led to dogs, particularly pits, who have attacked developing followers who start petitions, and even go so far as to steal the offending dog. This is radical thinking, cultist thinking. Not every dog is 'healthy', maybe they have a sound body, but not a sound temperament. Thus the increase in pit attacks and those attacks are rising. No Kill has given credibility to adoption groups who present the pit as the perfect family dog, the nanny dog. With the advent of No Kill, the pit propaganda machine has been at full steam. And this is getting people and beloved pets killed.

Kenneth Phillips has this to say about the subject of pit bulls: "I have come to believe that the modern pit bull should not be thought of as a dog at all. A dog is man's best friend but this is an animal that will kill the man, his wife, his children, his parents and the guests in his home. Clearly this is not man's best friend; clearly it is not a "dog" in the sense we think of a dog. Charles Manson was anatomically a man, sociologically a neighbor, and legally a citizen, but he is spending his life behind bars because he was a deranged individual who orchestrated mayhem and murder. Just because pit bulls look like dogs, they do not have to be thought of like we think about dogs such as golden retrievers and Yorkshire terriers."


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