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HSUS- A National Security THREAT on US Livestock Agriculture!

HSUS- a National Security THREAT on US Agriculture! To ELIMINATE ALL livestock animal agriculture(no beef,pork, chicken etc on our dinner table), IMPOSE their VEGAN & Extremist animal LIFESTYLE , ruining human lives in agri zoning, buisnesses closing downs sending taxpayers ,citizens in jail & put more value to Chicken than human lives and ARE Major Sponsors of Terror Groups inside the USA!

 Please go to internet search , type in,

HSUS! Fundraising for TERROR groups! Believe it!

IT's Immoral for TAXPAYERS money, Public offcials  & media to Support policies & pass laws sponsored by Terrorist extremist animal groups...

 Please help us email /write/call you senators,congressmen to BAN & REPEAL ALL laws sponsored by Extremist Terrorist animal groups..


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