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HS Class President in Houston Hires Dope Dealer to Kill Mom

A Houston high school class president, who was hoping to intern at the local police department, and his dope-dealing pal face capital murder charges for an alleged plot that left the class president's mother dead.

Tabassum Khan was stabbed to death inside her apartment in November. It was a particularly brutal crime -- the 43-year-old was stabbed 48 times. Her 17-year-old son Danish Minhas said he found the body the next day after staying out all night with a girl. Police were immediately suspicious of the boy's story, but they had no evidence against him.

Their big break came in January, when Nur Mohamed was picked up for carrying drugs at school. His fingerprints matched those left on a doorknob at the crime scene. The killer also left DNA at the scene from a cut suffered during the attack. Mohamed confessed to the crime, as did a teenager named Kevin Haney, who police say helped treat a severe cut on Mohamed's thumb.

Police say Minhas initially confessed, but then recanted his story.

Police say on the day of the murder, Minhas went home to make sure his mother was there alone, and then left, leaving the door unlocked. Mohamed then went in and killed her.

Afterwards, police say the pair went to Haney's house. Getting paid $500 for his troubles, Haney determined the cut on Mohamed's thumb was severe enough to call 911. Mohamed told paramedics that he cut himself while carving a Thanksgiving turkey.

Police say Minhas recruited Mohamed by telling him his mother was abusive, that she wasn't even his real mother, and that she put out a hit on his real parents. They were all lies about a woman who by all accounts was a loving, doting mother to Minhas. The son agreed to pay Mohamed $4,000.

The truth, according to police, is that Minhas didn't like his mother's rules.

"These were not unusual restrictions -- curfew, be home at night, stay off the freeway -- very simple rules any parent that's responsible would ask their child to do," said Sgt. Brian Harris of the Houston Police Department.

Oddly enough, the day of the murder, Minhas was supposed to be at the Houston police headquarters to interview for an internship. He skipped the appointment.

"Danish Minhas was in the law enforcement community," said Harris. "He received several leadership awards."

He probably won't be getting any more in the future.


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