HRC Credits Gays for Obama's Big Win, No Mention of Transgender

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The Human Rights Campaign today released the results of a post-election poll.

But bear in mind though. These are the same people who predicted an all -inclusive ENDA in 2010 and that DOMA would have been overturned in Obama’s first term.  (Also please note how they left out the T-rans Community altogether in the below info)

Total Americans voting 120,871,984

Total LGB voters (5% of electorate) 6,043,599

President Obama’s national popular vote (51% of all voters) 62,088,847

President Obama’s national popular vote margin over Mitt Romney 3,305,710

LGB votes for President Obama (76% of total LGB votes) 4,593,136

President Obama’s LGB votes if the demographic group only voted for him at the national average of 51% 3,082,235

Additional LGB votes President Obama received above the 51% national average 1,510,901

Percent of President Obama’s national popular vote margin due to LGB voters 45.7%

Other than the fact that there is really no possible way to get exact information on this it is totally disingenuous of HRC to imply that the LGB community did it all by themselves. Not to mention that Gay Inc. has once again insulted and left out the Transgender Community.

THIS has been a major problem with HRC since its inception that it lives in a rich white gay vacuum and has absolutely no concept or intention of working together with other groups progressive coalitions to win Equality.


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