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Proceedings Begin on Howard K. Stern’s Anna Nicole Smith Trial

On Friday, a Los Angeles court will hold a pre-trial hearing on the case of Howard K. Stern and his alleged contribution to the death of his former girlfriend and reality-TV sensation Anna Nicole Smith. Ironically, this hearing begins just days before the third anniversary of her death, Monday, February 8th.

After a series of public hearings held last year, Stern and two of Smith’s former doctors were formally charged with several felony counts for fueling the star’s drug addiction and, ultimately, contributing to her death.

Stern faces 11 felony counts including dispensing drugs to an addict and illegally obtaining prescription drugs by deceit. During the initial investigation, several witnesses testified to Stern’s toxic behavior. The preliminary hearings exposed several incidents where Stern was seen cooking prescription drugs and directly injecting Smith in her deteriorated state.

Anna Nicole was obviously a victim of addiction. But instead of seeking her help, the person closest to her was also her biggest enabler. Stern’s actions displayed a total lack of regard for her physical and mental well-being. Whether or not his intentions were malicious, it is clear Stern had a hand in Smith’s death and he should be held accountable for his actions. 

In this new video, clinical psychologist Dr. Michelle Golland warns that contributing to an individual’s delinquency and eventual death comes at a high cost:



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