This Is How You Get Back At Those People Who Think They Need Two Parking Spaces (Photo, Video)


Regardless of all the different views and beliefs held by people around the world, we can all agree on one thing: people who take up two spaces when they park suck.

Reddit user AnotherCJMajor got revenge recently on one of these double-parking pests, and luckily for us he took a picture and video of what happened. He says he saw the car, a Corvette, double parked in a “semi-busy” parking lot and couldn’t help but act.

“I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours here in NJ and when I got to where I wanted to eat I saw this in a semi-busy parking lot,” he wrote. “I figured I'd do this because I wasn't taking up two spaces and f**k people like this. The reaction on his face when he got laughed at going in his car was priceless.”

Here’s a picture:

Image placeholder title

AnotherCJMajor also took a video of the moment the Corvette owner walked out and saw what he’d done. Watch him check over every inch of his car looking for damage:

Sources: reddit, YouTube


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