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Woman Tries to Force Man to Propose by Calling 911

A woman was arrested after she called police and claimed she was being attacked, only to later tell cops she was trying to scare her boyfriend into proposing to her.

The kicker? She told the police her boyfriend was the one attacking her.

Ana Perez, 40, will be charged with disorderly conduct after she called police to her Chicago apartment, saying her boyfriend was beating her.

"After the cops get there she tells them that she made up the story to get police to the scene,’’ said police captain Ronald Pontecore. "She called 911 to scare him and have the police force him to marry her."

Perez's boyfriend told police he was actually in the process of breaking it off with Perez, and that he was never planning to marry her.

Police were unamused by Perez's plan. "It puts us in jeopardy and the public. It’s not a good thing,' Pontecore said. Perez has a court date next month.


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