How A Swarm Of Angry Wasps Helped Cops Catch A Crook


A British burglar was nabbed by police when he urinated on a nest of wasps as he left the scene of the crime.

Jamie Brown, 29, dove into a bush when police responded to a Yorkshire furniture store where he allegedly stole a $340 fish tank on Saturday. While hiding, he decided to relieve himself, which disturbed a swarm of wasps.

Brown was stung dozens of times, forcing him out of the bush and right into the police investigation.

“Police saw the defendant running towards them. He was sweating heavily and rubbing his head,” Prosecutor Lorraine Harris told the Halifax Courier.

“He said he was running home and had been attacked by wasps,” Harris said. “A witness said she saw him wearing gloves, which they later found with the fish tank.”

Police placed him under arrest and took him to Leeds General Infirmary hospital. He was treated for six hours before being released into police custody, the New York Daily News reports.

Brown pleaded guilty to theft in Leeds Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday. He was sentenced to 24 weeks in jail.

Sources: New York Daily News, Halifax Courier

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Bob Peterson, Wikipedia


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