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How the Media Missed a Self-Defense Gun Story

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By Wayne LaPierre

With all of the ink that's been spilled in the last few months about Stand Your Ground, self-defense, Right to Carry, and legal gun owners across the United States, it's hard to believe the national media simply missed an incredible armed citizen story from Utah.

Yet none of the three broadcast networks, none of the country's biggest papers, none of the biggest syndicated columnists bothered to cover the mass stabbing that was thwarted by an armed citizen in Salt Lake City last month.

I doubt the networks were unaware of the story. After all, the network affiliates in Salt Lake City ran stories on the armed citizen, who ordered a knife-wielding maniac to the ground after the madman stabbed two people outside of a grocery store.

Yet a media seemingly obsessed with concealed carry didn't even bother to report on a successful story of self-defense and defense of others.

The mainstream media isn't interested in giving the news straight. All too often they've got an agenda when it comes to Second Amendment stories, and that agenda is simple: Make the law-abiding gun owner look bad. So they ignore incredible stories of armed self-defense in favor of attacking the Right to Carry.

They won't cover the stories of armed women who've defended themselves from home invaders but will instead run editorials advocating that women should remain defenseless and unarmed.

It's the latest shameful example how far the media elites will go to try and force their anti-gun attitudes on their audience. Right to Carry and self-defense are important topics for them apparently, but only when they can try and attack your right to keep and bear arms.


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