'How to Lure Rapebait' Email Circulated by Georgia Tech Fraternity

The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Georgia Tech in Atlanta recently circulated an email among its members entitled “How to Lure Rapebait," which has caused a firestorm on the web.

While the email does not advocate rape, it does suggest offering girls drinks several times, asking them to dance and then, "grab them on the hips with your 2 hands and then let them grind against your d---," notes Jezebel.com.

According to TotalFratMove.com, there is a summary at the end of the lengthy email that states:

A short guide consist of the 7 E’s of HOOKING UP! 1. Encounter (spot a girl or group of girls) 2. Engage (go up and talk to them) 3. Escalate (ask them to dance, or ask them to go up to your room or find a couch, depending on what kind of party) 4. E------ (GET H---) 5. Excavate (should be self-explanatory) 6. E------- (should also be self explanatory) 7. Expunge (send them out of your room and on their way out when you are finished. IF ANYTHING EVER FAILS, GO GET MORE ALCOHOL. I want to see everyone succeed at the next couple parties.

The email is signed, “In luring rapebait.”

Sources: Jezebel.com and TotalFratMove.com


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