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How is Medical Marijuana "An Insult to Our Intelligence?"

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I can only imagine how many letters to the editor have arrived at the Washington Post
after it published columnist Charles Lane’s intellectually flaccid and
insulting column (i.e., Mr. Lane mocks Angel Raich’s medical condition
and cites a NORML survey that does not exist) entitled ‘Medical marijuana is an insult to our intelligence‘.

Below is a letter-to-the-editor that was sent by NORML board member
Paul Kuhn…You too can weigh in on Mr. Lane’s ‘defense’ of intelligence
(and lack of compassion) here.

Re: Charles Lane’s column on medical marijuana.

Dear Editors,

In the most inane column I have read in the Post, the most offensive comments are those labeling Angel Raich a hypochondriac fraud. Next Thursday, she will undergo brain surgery at Stanford Hospital.

The most puzzling comments are those acknowledging marijuana is a “blessed relief” for certain patients and at the same time “an insult to our intelligence.”

The most misinformed comments are those asking why marijuana is not FDA-approved when the government prohibits research on marijuana.

When my late wife was battling cancer, marijuana relieved her pain after the best legal medications failed. I’ll believe my own eyes over Mr. Lane’s confused words.

Sincerely yours,

Paul H. Kuhn
Nashville TN


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