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How Do we Solve Major Problems? Legalization of Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

While solving a difficult problem, one should be able to answer the following questions: what, who, when, where, why and how it is going to be done.  This article focuses on the legalization of medical marijuana in New Jersey.  One would ask: why is this a problem?  The answer is simple; nobody knows exactly how to implement this law, including professionals in the health industry.  The bill will become effective on July 18th, as soon as the rules and regulations are issued by the Health Department. Optimistically, patients with specified illnesses will be able to apply and register as qualified patients to get medical marijuana.  Patients in New Jersey are not allowed to grow their own marijuana and they do not know which sort of marijuana is suitable for their particular illness.  This problem is quite severe, as the patients that are in need of medical marijuana are the ones with very severe illnesses and some are even fatal.

Doctors, who would be eligible to prescribe medical marijuana to patients, do not know which sort of medical marijuana should be prescribed for a particular disease.  Many doctors also do not know the variety of products, made from medical marijuana, which exists for helping suffering patients, such as: lotions, oral-mucosal drops, inhaling medical marijuana, cookies, lemonade, etc.  Entrepreneurs, who are interested in working in the medical marijuana industry as well as those who are interested in opening ATC centers also have a little knowledge in this industry.  The most important issue is that they do not know how to grow medical marijuana, the particular plant which should be used for a specific disease, which technologies should be used when producing different products from medical marijuana, how to control the crops quality in order for it to be pure and organic and the proper way to report to the IRS and Health Department.

Of course the IRS is not ready to maintain control and taxation of this industry.  In addition, the Health Department, which promised to release the rules and regulations on July 18th, certainly doesn’t know how many patients will be in need of medical marijuana and how many entrepreneurs will be interested in opening ATC centers. Therefore, all this will lead to chaos and the aforementioned issues will not be able to be resolved right away.  To avoid all this chaos, some women in New Jersey decided to help the state manage this problem.  These women are the officers of “Harmony Foundation”, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the highest standard of education and training in the Medical Marijuana Industry.  These women are against drugs; however they are advocates for legalizing medical marijuana for patient use only.  They want to make sure that the strictest law in the nation will become the most compassionate, and the most professionally implemented law in the nation.  They think that only professionals can operate in such a challenging field.

With the intention of reaching their goal, they decided to organize training for everybody who is interested in this new upcoming industry.  In order to bring the best education of MMJ industry to New Jersey they became partners with Greenway University.  Greenway University is America's leading compliance driven medical marijuana training and educational institute.  Greenway University’s founders and professors helped to open more than 200 dispensaries in California and Colorado.  They are the nation's foremost industry experts in education and training.

Greenway University, a Medical Marijuana Business School, obtained first and only State License and regulation approval from Colorado Department of Higher Education. Licensing and regulation accreditation proves the legitimacy of Medical Marijuana Industry and power of Greenway University's breadth of education services.

Harmony Foundation with association with Greenway University is holding their first educational seminar on June 5th and 6th 2010 in Paterson, New Jersey. Seminars will address the following topics including: all the latest information and education and how it relates to you; the various medicinal uses for patient use and how it affects you; how the industry is rapidly growing and changing across the US; real world, market tested advise from the industry’s leading medical cannabis experts; and much more. You will hear directly from leading industry experts on all topics related to the medical marijuana industry and current legislation for patient use. Greenway University will provide a Certificate of Completion for those who attended the seminar.

Harmony Foundation is inviting anyone and everyone who is interested in this new and upcoming industry to come and participate in this weekend seminar in order to get to know this industry better. Call 877-366-5338 for enrollment.


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