How Can We Prevent "Pay Check" Babies?


I work as some kind of Emergency Responder for some city in the USA where welfare is reasonably common.    To start off I would just like to say I do not believe everyone on welfare is a welfare junky or doesn't want to work.

I just feel really bad for the children of welfare abusing mothers.  Most people would like to think when they pay taxes, the percentage which goes welfare benefits children.  Some of the money does, but you would be foolish to think all of it does.  It is all to common for me to see a "family" where there is a single mother with 3-6 kids.  The mother has a used car with a new paint job, some nice jewelry, what I think are designer clothes and a nice purse. 

The kids are treated from "reasonable" to "extremely neglected (rare)."  Usually they are wearing cheap clothes, smell like they get one or two bathes a week, have a few matters or sleeping bags on the floor to sleep on, living in a dirty house, are usually skinny, but not emaciated and sitting in front of a big screen TV.  It just really urks me when I see this sort of thing.  I feel really bad for the kids, it must be horrible being neglected.  I hope the kids are blissfully unaware that their mother just had them so she could get a "pay check." 

Most of the younger kids are very kind and tend to their younger siblings.  Many of have even offered me some of their food, which usually doesn't look too appetizing.  I always politely say I ate a big meal before I left the station.  I am required to report this sort of child abuse, but child protective services doesn't care about the minor cases.  They are overloaded with life threatening child abuse cases. 

A few readers may be optimists and think that a women would never have a child just for more welfare benefits, these readers need to spend some time in the hood.  How do you guys think we can end this problem? 

We cannot just take the family off government assistance.
We obviously cannot infringe on the mother's reproductive rights.
We could lower the welfare payout so the mother does not have a lot of money to spend on herself.
We could enforce the provision which stops paying the mother more money once she has a reasonable number of kids, but that would hurt mothers who have lots of kids. (I once saw a single mother with 11 children, she only about 27 years old)
We could also do nothing and keep allowing mother to use government child payments on herself.


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