Houston Spends $100K on Controversial Dog-Fighting Video

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HOUSTON, Texas—The Houston County Attorney’s Office is taking a lot of heat for spending $100,000 from toll-road fines for a film (video below) on the cruelty and horrors of dog fighting and its impact on society.

KHOU11 News reports that for years State law has designated fine money paid by toll-road violators be put into a discretionary fund for the Harris County Attorney. Some of it has been spent on perks for department employees, such as, free downtown parking and professional-organization memberships; but it has also been used for sponsoring interns, providing training, and high-tech equipment for a mock courtroom.

Now the local media is questioning whether this money is being misspent, including $100,000 for a video which focuses on education and prevention of pitting animals against each other in dog fighting.

Assistant County Attorney Terry O’Rourke responded “No, every dollar is well spent. If this saved just one child it would be worth it, but it is more than that. This is a training film with solutions.”

 Dog fighting is a crime that affects not only animals but endangers families and entire communities by bringing criminals also involved in drug activities and illegal gun sales into unsuspecting neighborhoods. The brutality that desensitizes those who engage in this "blood sport" make it a small step to inflicting violence on humans, including spouses and children.  Engaging in or being exposed to dog fighting at an early age teaches youths that inflicting suffering and death on animals is a sign of machismo. It is then a small step to shooting a member of an opposing gang or engaging in the torture  and/or killing of another human being.

What do you think?  Is using toll-road money to create this film a good decision by the Houston County Attorney's Office?  Are the potential benefits from exposing "Dog Fighting - Cruelty in the Heart of Texas" worth $100,000?

(Sources: hctx.net and wfaa.com)



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