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Houston Restaurant Workers Caught On Camera Brawling With Three Women

A fight caught on camera between male restaurant workers and three female customers at Chacho's restaurant in Houston has resulted in at least one of the employees being fired.

The brawl broke out after a woman asked a Chacho’s worker for a take-out cup on Thursday. Workers refused, assuming she wanted to take her alcoholic beverage out of the restaurant.

After an verbal dispute, workers can be seen running from behind the checkout counter and confronting the women. One woman is put in a headlock and another is thrown onto the floor.

The owner, John Burke, told the Houston Chronicle he’s shocked by the incident. In 30 years as a restaurant owner he says he’s never seen anything like this.

The company says they do not provide go-cups for alcoholic drinks because it's prohibited in Texas.

“The state alcoholic beverage laws prohibits restaurants from selling margaritas to go. To prevent this, we do not provide to go cups to customers who have ordered margaritas,” said a message on the company website.

The manager of the Chacho’s has been fired.

Warning: The following video contained graphic language and violence.

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