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Houston Police Use Stun Gun, Shoot Unarmed Patient Inside Hospital (Video)

Alan Pean reportedly had a stun gun used on him and was shot last month by two off-duty police officers who were working as security guards at a hospital in Houston, Texas. Pean recently appeared in a video (below) to thank supporters for their prayers.

Pean checked himself into the psychiatric wing of the St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 26 while showing signs of "intense anxiety" and "general disorientation," reports The Huffington Post.

On Aug. 27, Pean was to be released from the hospital, but the Houston Police Department claims the two officers were called to help nurses subdue Pean.

“(An officer) deployed the Taser but it apparently had no effect on the patient,” Kese Smith, a Houston Police Department spokesman told KHOU. “He continued to struggle and injured the officers. That’s when his partner discharged his duty weapon, striking the suspect.”

“The officers were hurt,” Smith added. “They’re being treated in the ER right now for lacerations to the head and, as I said, one of them appears to be concussed. So it was a pretty severe struggle.”

Pean was taken to a hospital emergency room for his gunshot wound.

He was described by the St. Joseph Medical Center in a statement as a "combative patient."

Pean has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault against public servants.

An online petition signed by doctors and other medical providers condemns the police shooting and adds:

"Professionally, we have been trained in truth seeking and healing. As doctors and medical students, as nurses and care partners, we are trained in how to safely restrain and tranquilize patients, no matter how aggressive, or irritable, or anxious, or threatening they may be.

"Never is it appropriate or warranted for a patient to be tazed, never is it appropriate for a patient to be struck, never, never, never is it appropriate for a patient seeking care, to have their life threatened in our arms."

Mark O'Mara, the Pean family's attorney and the same lawyer who defended George Zimmerman, who shot and killed an unarmed teen in Florida in 2013, told The Huffington Post:

"Because criminal charges are pending, and because of medical privacy requirements, it’s been difficult for us to get specific details regarding how and why this tragedy occurred. We also need to find out what happened and what caused this situation to go so terribly wrong."

Sources: The Huffington Post, KHOU, iPetitions / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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