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Houston Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man for Noncompliance (Video)

Two Houston police officers fired shots at an unarmed black man on Friday night because he was not complying with their commands.

The cops pulled over a silver car for an illegal lane change. Both cars pulled into a convenience store parking lot in front of dozens of witnesses.

The passenger of the silver car, Michael Paul Walker, allegedly reached under a car seat instead of putting his hands up, prompting one of the cops to fire his gun, claimed police, noted the Houston Chronicle.

Walker was caught on video (below) getting out of the car and taking his shirt off while officers and onlookers yelled for him to get down.

"The suspect got out of the vehicle at that point, began walking around, walked around his vehicle and the officers' vehicles, again, completely ignoring all verbal commands," Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Senties told Click 2 Houston.

The officers fired more shots at the unarmed man, who was wounded. Walker laid down in the parking lot where he was arrested and taken to a hospital. The unidentified driver was also taken into custody.

Walker's mother Laura told the Houston Chronicle, "He didn't even have a gun. He's never owned a weapon. He didn't have one on him."

Laura is considering a lawsuit against the Houston Police Department.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Click 2 Houston


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