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Houston Police Officer Shoots Man Who Followed Him, Attempted Ambush


A Houston, Texas, police officer shot and wounded a suspect who he discovered was following him in an attempt to ambush and attack him. 

The 34-year veteran officer, whose name has not been released in news reports, was driving home from a second job on the night of Oct. 8 when he noticed that he was being followed, according to the Houston Police Department. The officer, who was in uniform at the time, pulled off another street to see if the car would continue to follow him, KHOU-TV reports.

They didn’t follow, but their car reappeared moments later and the suspect got out with a gun in hand. 

The officer then ordered the man to stop, but the suspect continued towards him with his gun aimed. The officer drew his gun and fired at the suspect several times.

The suspect then ran back to the vehicle where three accomplices were waiting, and they quickly fled the scene. 

A short time later, Houston Police received a call about a man lying on the ground with bullet wounds. When officers arrived, they spotted the vehicle driven by the group and were able to take the three additional suspects into custody.

The wounded suspect was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The motive for the attempted ambush was attempted robbery or carjacking, police said.

Sources: The Blaze, KHOU / Photo credit: Metro via KHOU, WikiCommons


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