Houston Police Not Charged In Shootings From 2004-2013

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The Harris County grand jury voted on Dec. 23 not to indict Houston Police Officer Juvenito Castro in the fatal shooting of Jordan Baker, an unarmed black man.

Officer Castro thought Baker fit the description of a suspect and chased him into an alley behind a strip mall in January.

Officer Castro claimed that Jordan came towards him and was “reaching for his waistband,” which caused the Houston cop to pull his gun and fatally shoot Baker.

"Welcome to Ferguson, Texas," community activist Deric Muhammad told ForwardTimesOnline.com. "The ‘no-bill’ of Officer Castro was actually a ‘true-bill’ for Houston/Harris County who is guilty of depriving the family of Jordan Baker their right to see Jordan’s killer come before a jury of his peers. What they actually gave Janet Baker and her family was ‘gift-wrapped injustice’ and they did it 48 hours before Christmas.”

According to a study by the Houston Chronicle, grand juries in Harris County cleared cops of wrongdoing in 288 consecutive shootings from 2004-2013.

Houston cops killed people in 109 shootings from 2007 to 2012, but there were no indictments of those officers.

Police shootings of animals, 104 wounds and 225 deaths, were also ruled justified.

In about 20 percent of the shooting incidents, Houston police fired on people who were not armed, noted the Houston Chronicle.

Sources: ForwardTimesOnline.com, Houston Chronicle
Image Credit: Houston Police Logo


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