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Houston Police Chase, Shoot, Kill Driver On Live TV (Video)

Houston police officers and deputies chased a suspect, who was driving a blue Chrysler, in a wild drama that ended in a fatal shooting today.

Click 2 Houston identified the suspect as Frank Shephard.

The incident began when police pulled over Shephard for making unsafe lane changes. However, during the traffic stop, Shephard reportedly sped away.

Shephard made several highway changes during the chase on live TV (videos below).

Shephard allegedly called 911 and claimed that he had a child whom he would harm if police tried to stop him, noted KFOR.

Eventually, Shephard exited onto a surface street and crashed into some other vehicles.

Police approached the car that Shephard was driving with weapons drawn. Shephard appeared to get out, but then looked to be reaching inside the car.

Harris County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Thomas Gilliland said in a statement, "Fearing for their lives that this suspect was reaching for a weapon, two officers did discharge their weapons at the vehicle, striking the suspect and killing him."

There was no child in the vehicle, but police couldn't say (yet) whether or not Shephard had a gun.

Shephard's family members claim that he fled the police because he had an outstanding warrant.

Shephard, a father of three, was reportedly behind the wheel of his girlfriend's vehicle.

He had a past history of violent criminal offenses, say reports.

Shephard's mother said that she spoke to her son on the phone during the chase. She said Shephard told her that he loved her, but wasn't going to stop for the police.



Sources: Click 2 Houston, KFOR
Image Credit: ABC 13 Screenshot


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