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Houston Man Stabs Toddler Multiple Times As The Mother Begs Him To Stop

A Houston man was arrested on Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed a three-year-old boy in the neck. The child’s mother witnessed the entire event and unsuccessfully pleaded with the man to leave her son alone.

Jose Guillermo Molina, 21, is the accused. He reportedly walked up to the three-year-old boy and grabbed him by his hair before stabbing him.

"He grabbed the little boy by his hair, pulled the neck back, stabbed him in the neck three times,” a witness said. “After he stabbed him, he put the little boy on the ground and he put his knee on the little boy's chest and he was trying to choke him.”

The child’s mother told Houston news station Local 2 she begged Molina to leave her son alone after the first stab. Instead, Molina reportedly pulled the knife out of the child’s neck and stabbed him multiple more times.

The young boy was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and treated for his injuries. He survived the stabbings and was released from the hospital with a bandage around his neck wounds.

Molina, meanwhile, is being held in the Harris County Jail without bond. He is being charged with injury to a child. His prior criminal offenses include an assault against his mother and a criminal mischief conviction. 


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