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Houston Man Stabbed to Death With Stiletto?

A Houston man found dead in his luxury high-rise apartment Sunday appeared to be stabbed multiple times with a stiletto heel.

The unidentified victim lived in Houston’s museum district. A neighbor called 911 at 4 a.m. on Sunday to report someone was being assaulted.

When police arrived, 44-year-old Ana Lilia Trujillo answered the door of the 18th floor apartment. The body of a 59-year-old victim lay inside.

Trujillo’s relationship to the victim is unknown, but she did not live in the apartment.

The motive for the crime is unclear and the case remains under investigation. Police believe Trujillo attacked the victim with the heel of her shoe.

Initially cooperative, Trujillo stopped speaking to police and was taken into custody for additional questioning.

Authorities said there is a pending murder charge against the woman.

Sources: ABC Local, New York Daily News


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