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2-Month-Old Baby Found Abandoned At Houston Post Office

A 2-month-old baby was abandoned at a post office in Houston last Wednesday.

The baby, Glen Williams Jr., was found in a car seat in the main lobby of the post office with an extra diaper with the name “Jesse” written on it, a pacifier, a bottled water, and some baby formula, MyFox Atlanta reports.

A man named Glen Williams, claiming to be the infant’s father, came forward after Child Protective Services released a photo of the baby on social media Wednesday afternoon.

Williams knew it was his son just by looking at the green outfit the baby had on.

"I recognized him and the clothes he had on because I bought them for him," he said.

According to, the baby’s mother, Jaronda Jackson, 29, recently broke up with Williams.

Jackson is unemployed and has three other children who live with her grandmother. She could face criminal charges for abandoning her baby at the post office.

"You know how they say leave it at the fire department?” Jackson’s cousin Latarshia Carter said. “Maybe she still thought that was a safe place. At least he wasn't beat up or hurt.”

Williams insists he is the father of the baby, who is currently staying in protective services. He wants custody and has agreed to DNA testing, saying: "I'm going to do whatever it takes for my family and me to take the baby home. Her family, they don't want him.”

Police are still investigating and a judge has set the next hearing for Nov. 6.

Sources: MyFox


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